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Lolicon Status

Author JamesGoma
#1 | Posted: 9 Dec 2010 20:54 
I had uploaded lolicon onto my site before having noticed the terms and conditions which prohibited it.
I apologize and so long as that rule stands I shall never upload similar content.
I would like to know why this is prohibited though. Is it because of reputation? If so, the conversation ends here, I am satisfied with the information provided.
If it is because of legal status, then I would like to discuss this more.
In the US and Netherlands lolicon has been deemed legal. In the US, though still quite controversial, it was decided that lolicon and similar animated depictions are protected under the 1st amendment. There were many arguments though the end result remains the same. I never looked into the legal status in Netherlands prior to now, though what I gather is that as long as it is immediately obvious the content is animated/fake then it is legal.
I found this information via wikipedia and [url=http://www.rechtspraak.nl/Gerechten/Rechtbanken/s-Hertogenbosch/Actualiteiten/Vr ijspraak+voor+bezit+virtuele+kinderporno.htm][/url]
You do not need to allow lolicon nor do you need to argue this. I am simply stating information I believe is relevant to my personal interests.
Sorry if this was not relevant to you. If Booru does allow or disapprove lolicon after reading this, I would like to be informed. I'll delete my booru, IxFa, if lolicon remains banned from here. I simply have no need for it, thank you for your time.
Author Proger_XP
#2 | Posted: 9 Dec 2010 21:01 
Personally I don't care about lolicon and Russian government doesn't seem to care about it much either but that's a different story; I guess Slayer has more info about legal stuff.
Author slayerduck
#3 | Posted: 10 Dec 2010 00:27 
Legal status of lolicon in the netherlands is wierd, it says all pictures that look to realistic is not allowed by law. Regardless of this, lolicon is not allowed duo to advertisers needs. Booru.org makes most of the revenue trough ads so no ads means no booru.org

However I might be able to allow lolicon boards on a different domain but only as a paid service (since it would have no ads). I would need to set this up, what are your thoughts about this?
Author JamesGoma
#4 | Posted: 10 Dec 2010 01:53 
I am happy you are explaining this and giving a possible alternative. I do not have any money to spare though. I'll just remove IxFa and look for another free host that may allow my content.
Thank you for your time.
Author JamesGoma
#5 | Posted: 10 Dec 2010 02:16 
How do I delete my booru?
Author Kielan
#6 | Posted: 10 Dec 2010 02:16 
Loli is illegal in some major countries around the world, it is also considered distasteful and a grey legal area in other countries, therefore world wide advertisers have to observe the laws of pretty much all countries if they want to operative within their market.

Not to mention the worry an advertiser might have of a client having an exception to lolicon or shota etc and object to their brand being advertised on a page that contains it, many think lolicon is bad since it has been banned in certain countries, so basically its to taboo for business now, so if you want to enjoy advertisement revinue you have to get rid of all underage humanoids that could be mistaken for artistic dipictions of minors in a sexual way, only way to make sure.

I'm lucky that although in my native land of Scotland loli is illegal and treated the same as child porn wtf? (thanks to the opressive paranoid laws of the English), here in Finland where I live now, there cannot be a crime unless a real person has been harmed (phychologically or physically), so loli is legal, which is common sense.
Author Proger_XP
#7 | Posted: 11 Dec 2010 05:34 
How do I delete my booru?

If that's what you want we can take care of it.
Author JamesGoma
#8 | Posted: 11 Dec 2010 19:23 
Thank you
Author Usernam
#9 | Posted: 19 Jan 2016 09:54 
Here, this informational image should help out. Also it is important to note that even though all the main characters of the show The Powerpuff Girls are children if they are depicted as adults then it is not loli.
Author Helene
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