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At home

Author psilorder
#1 | Posted: 21 Feb 2012 17:58 
I encountered wikidpad today and got to thinking it might be nice to have booru functionality for pictures i have on my computer.
I don't expect it would be to just use the regular package, but has anyone heard of anything like that?
Author slayerduck
#2 | Posted: 22 Feb 2012 09:32 
I don't really see the point of it? wikidpad looks like a personal wiki -.-?
Author psilorder
#3 | Posted: 23 Feb 2012 23:15 
Yeah, it is.
And what i want is a personal booru.

Say i have a lot of catpictures.
One day i might want to look at cute kittens no matter whether they have loltext or not.
The next day i might want to look at funny pictures no matter whether it is lolcats or something else.
The third i want to look at just lolcats.
Author Proger_XP
#4 | Posted: 25 Feb 2012 09:31 
Do you want tagging or what else? If tagging it's pretty simple - name all your files as "tag tag tag" and use Search to select those you like this time.
Author Da_Nuke
#5 | Posted: 18 Apr 2012 08:06 
You can perfectly run Gelbooru or Shimmie on a local XAMPP server. Danbooru is more difficult because it runs on Ruby on Rails, not PHP, and as far as I know there's no such thing as a ROR-enabled HTTP server that "Just Works" like XAMPP.
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